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Midsommar foods and activities!
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The Flowers FestivalThe Flowers Festival
Children's Books The Flowers Festival
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In stock, 9 units
Midsommar Swedish Dishcloth
Nøkkelost, "Key" Cheese
Farmer's Cheese, Plain
Solo (Orange Soda), GLASS BOTTLE 0.33l
Pickled Herring (Our Own Recipe) 1.0 lbs (PERISHABLE)
Onos Swedish Drink Mix, 0.65 LOnos Swedish Drink Mix, 0.65 L
Goteborg Salami (Price is per lb.)
Snofrisk, Spreadable Goat Cheese
Priest XO
Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)
Prästost (price per pound)
Mailander Salami
ScanSpecialties Mailander Salami
In stock, 15 units
Rødbeder, Pickled Red Beets
- Greve
In stock
Asier Cucumbers
Herrgård (price per pound)
Thin Rye Crispbread, Caraway (7oz)

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