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Icelandic Chocolate, Mint
Icelandic Chocolate, 70% Extra-Bitter
Icelandic Chocolate, Sea Salt
Icelandic Chocolate, 56% Bitter-Sweet
Icelandic Chocolate, Toffee & Sea Salt
Icelandic Chocolate, 33% Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Chocolate Malt Balls
Lakkrís + Sea Salt Chocolate Malt Balls
Raspberry Chocolate Bar
Lakkrís + Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
Coffee + Milk Chocolate Bar
Spiced Caramel White Chocolate Bar
Cookies & Cream White Chocolate Bar
Sea Salted Almonds Bar
Caramel Chocolate Bar
OmNom Chocolate Caramel Chocolate Bar
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Sea Salted Toffee Chocolate Bar
Chocolate and Liquorice - Confectionary
Chocolate and Liquorice - Caramel
Chocolate and Liquorice - Liquorice Powder

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