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Nordic Flag Toothpicks
"Blue Dala" Cheese Board
"Red Dala" Cheese Board
- "Red Dala" Cheese Board
In stock
"Kiss the Cook She's Swedish" Cheese Board
"Kiss the Cook, She's Danish!" Cheese Board
"Blue Birds" Cheese Board
"Rosaling" Cheese Board
- "Rosaling" Cheese Board
In stock
"Red Rosaling" Cheese Board
"Danish Aebelskiver" Cheese Board
"Scandinavian House Rules" Cheese Board
"Uff Da" Cheese Board
- "Uff Da" Cheese Board
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Porcelain Spoon Rest - Red Dala Horse
Porcelain Spoon Rest - Blue Dala
Porcelain Spoon Rest - Norwegian
Porcelain Spoon Rest - Swedish
Porcelain Spoon Rest - Finnish
Porcelain Spoon Rest - Danish
Porcelain Spoon Rest - Rosemaling Red
Norwegian Chef Apron
- Norwegian Chef Apron
In stock
Swedish Chef Apron
- Swedish Chef Apron
In stock, 6 units
Lutefisk Chef Apron
- Lutefisk Chef Apron
Sold out
Lefse Maker Apron
- Lefse Maker Apron
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Norwegian Chef Hat
- Norwegian Chef Hat
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