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Gravad Laks, Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)Gravad Laks, Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)
Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)
Peppermakrell, Peppered Mackerel (5 oz)
Lumpfish Roe Caviar (Black or Orange)Lumpfish Roe Caviar (Black or Orange)
Capelin Caviar (Black or Orange)Capelin Caviar (Black or Orange)
Herring Tidbits, in Sour Cream SauceHerring Tidbits, in Sour Cream Sauce
Herring Salad with Red Beets (14 oz)
Herring in Curry Cream Sauce (14 oz)
Wildlachs, Wild Salmon in Chili-Lime Sauce (7 oz)
Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil
Wild Caught Brisling SardinesWild Caught Brisling Sardines
Gaffelbiter, Herring Tidbits (1.5 oz)Gaffelbiter, Herring Tidbits (1.5 oz)

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