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Cod Liver in own oil and juices from Fresh Wild Cod
Lightly Smoked Cod Liver Tin
Skansen Lightly Smoked Cod Liver Tin
In stock, 12 units
Kavli Kaviar
Creamed Salmon, Pate (5.3 oz) PERISHABLE
Salmon Pate (3.5 oz)
Capelin Caviar
Lumpfish Roe Caviar (Black or Orange)Lumpfish Roe Caviar (Black or Orange)
Salmon Roe
Royal Sweden Salmon Roe
Sold out
Naturally Smoked Herring (Frozen)
Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)Smoked Salmon from Norway (3 Sizes)
Smoked Sockeye, Garlic Pepper - Frozen
Smoked Sockeye, Traditional Style - Frozen
Smoked Sprats in OIl
Sea Salt and Juniper Fish Jerky
Spicy Cajun Fish Jerky
Neptune Spicy Cajun Fish Jerky
In stock, 5 units
Cracked Pepper Fish Jerky
Neptune Cracked Pepper Fish Jerky
In stock, 6 units
Sweet Citrus Ginger Fish Jerky
Capelin Caviar (Black or Orange)Capelin Caviar (Black or Orange)
Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon - Traditional

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