Carbinox Curly Birch 3.3" (Finnish)
by J. Marttiini

Carbinox Curly Birch 3.3" (Finnish)

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J. Marttiini of Finland

A perfect knife for carving jobs that require precision and as a companion for hunters and hikers!

Carbinox T508 steel combines the best characteristics of carbon and chrome steel: toughness, easy honing, and extreme durability. The carbon content of the steel is 0.5%, the chrome content is 8% and its hardness is 56-57 HRC. The material is not classified as stainless, but its resistance to corrosion is considerably higher than that of traditional carbon steel. In order to maintain Carbinox T508 it is sufficient to clean the blade carefully and dry it after use. However we also recommend the occasional treatment of the blade with unsalted oil.

Length of blade: 8.5 cm
Blade Material: Carbinox T508
Sheath Material: Leather
Total Length: 20 cm
Handle Material: Curly birch, waxed

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