We're delighted to send products right to your doorstep with our high quality shipping service! We often receive questions about shipping, and hope to answer a few of these as you'll see below.

Q: What methods of shipping can I choose from?
A: We use UPS and/or the United States Postal Service. Choose from UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Select, UPS 2-Day Air, UPS Next-Day Air, or USPS Flat Rate Boxes. 

Q: How do you ship refrigerated products?
A: We provide gel ice packs that last approximately 72 hours during the Winter Season. During the Summer, the number of hours decreases. 

Q: Which shipping method do you recommend?
A: This will vary based on your location and the number of products being sent. For dry goods, we've found UPS Ground to be the safest and most reliable method. For perishable products, we recommend expedited shipping through UPS, or in some instances the Postal Service.

Q: Do I receive a discount if I buy the full case of a product?
A: Yes! We offer a 10% discount when selling the full case. Please call the store to place this order as bulk discounts are not available online. 

Q: How much would it cost to ship [these products] to [this location]?
A: This will vary based on the size and weight of your box. Please send us an email at: or contact us via telephone at 1-877-784-7020 to get an accurate cost.

Q: Why is shipping so expensive? 
A: We do our absolute best to keep shipping costs to a minimum. If a customer is overcharged for shipping, we will quickly refund the difference. We do not make money off of shipping, and remain transparent with all costs associated to your order. Our level of customer care is a largely why we remain the top choice for All Things Nordic.