A look at the items we'll be offering this Fall from Dale of Norway. If something catches your eye give us a call at 1-877-784-7020! Take care of your Christmas shopping early!

Cortina Merino Hat

Raspberry/Off White - Raspberry/Off White

Navy/Off White - Navy/Off White

 - Smoke/Off White

 - Black/Off White

Bykle Feminine Sweater

- Pink/White

- Black/White

Rondane Feminine Sweater

- Navy/White/Raspberry

St. Moritz Feminine Sweater

- Black/White/Dark Charcoal

Seefeld Feminine Sweater

- Raspberry/Navy/Off White

Stjerne Basic Masculine Sweater

- Smoke/Black

Bykle Masculine Sweater

- Smoke/White

Rondane Masculine Sweater

- Navy/White/Raspberry

Seefeld Masculine Sweater

- Navy/Raspberry/Off White

St. Moritz Masculine Sweater

- Black/Off White/Dark Charcoal

Balder Masculine Sweater

- Dark Charcoal/Smoke

Nora Feminine Jacket

- Grau. Vig/Off White

- Black/Smoke

Christiania Feminine Jacket

- Off White/Beige

- Red Rose/Off White

- Atlantic Mel/Off White

- Ruby Mele/Dark Charcoal

- Black/Off White

Sverre Masculine Sweater

- Navy Mel/Off White Mel/Medium Blue Mel

- Dark Grey Mel/Off White Mel/Raspberry

Eirik Masculine Sweater

- Sand Mel/Dark Grey Mel

- Dark Grey Mel/Black

Norge Feminine Sweater

- Light Navy/Smoke/Off White

Bergen Feminine Jacket

- Black/Smoke/Off White

Blyfjell Unisex Sweater

- Smoke/Dark Charcoal/Off White

Norge Masculine Sweater

- Light Navy/Smoke/Off White

Bergen Masculine Jacket

- Black/Smoke/Off White

Lillehammer Hat

 - Navy/Sochi Blue/Off White/Grey

Lahti/St. Moritz Hat

- Navy/Off White/Raspberry

- Navy/Sochi Blue/Off White/Cobalt

- Navy/Raspberry/Off White

Ulv Feminine Hat

- Sand

- Dark Charcoal

- Smoke

Vail Hat

- Midnight/Navy

Anniversary Hat

- Black/Raspberry/Off White

Harald Hat

- Navy Mel/Medium Blue Mel

- Navy Mel/Dark Grey Mel