Viking Myths (Volume One)

Viking Myths (Volume One)

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by Jacqueline Morley

Journey to the frozen north, where Vikings lived, and learn the stories of their gods and monsters—and the world as they knew it.

Here are the tales the Vikings told: of gods and goddesses, sea monsters and ice giants, dark forests, flying chariots, shapechangers, cloud spinners, and cunning, gold-hoarding underground dwarves. These eight stories start at the world’s beginning, with one realm of ice and snow and another of fire. Discover Asgard, a stronghold of shining palaces; Loki’s secret wife in Giantland and their terrifying children; the gentle goddess Idunn’s golden apples of immortality, and much more Viking lore and legend.

Hardcover. 77 pages. Color illustrations throughtout.  Ages 7 & up.

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