Thumbelina, by Elsa Beskow

Thumbelina, by Elsa Beskow

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Elsa Beskow's charming illustrations bring to life this classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of a thumb-sized girl who has big adventures. Thumbelina is so small she sleeps in a walnut shell bed with a rose petal sheet. One day, a toad steals her away from her home and keeps her captive on a lilypad, until some fish set her free to go on adventures in the countryside. Will Thumbelina ever find a new home with people just like her? Available for in English for the first time in thirty years, this beautiful book will be a wonderful addition to the shelves of Elsa Beskow fans everywhere.
Ages 5 - 10. Hardcover.

Other titles by Elsa Beskow include: Children of the Forest, Peter in Blueberry Land, Ollie's Ski Trip, The Sun Egg, Around the Year, The Flowers' Festival, The Curious Fish, and many more.

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