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Tine of Norway

Nøkkelost, "Key" Cheese

Nøkkelost, "Key" Cheese

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Almost extinct, only a handful of dairies in Norway still make Nokkelost. This specialty cheese, made from partially skimmed cow's milk, is flavored with cumin seeds and cloves. These herbal additions give Nokkelost a warm, spicy taste. Similar in concept to Dutch Leyden, although with a springier texture, Nokkelost is a festive cheese that is always a hit at gatherings. It pairs very well with beer and wine, especially when served with dark breads.

Nøkkelost Cheese (aka "key" cheese) is a mild semi-soft cheese that has a very unique flavor which partly comes from the caraway seeds, cumin, and cloves. The main ingredient is cow's milk. This is the original Tine variety which Norwegians are familiar with! PRODUCT OF NORWAY.

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